DNS records template?


is there any option to either:

  • Create DNS template within Web GUI, which I would apply to all new/existing domains, so I do not need to create all needed records every time
  • Or somehow use some placeholders inside .TXT file to import into new DNS zone, which would be replaced with domain name, like example below:
;; A Records
domain.com.	1	IN	A
www.domain.com.	1	IN	A

;; MX Records
domain.com.	1	IN	MX	20 mx20.mail.server.com.
domain.com.	1	IN	MX	10 mx10.mail.server.com.

;; SRV Records
_autodiscover._tcp.domain.com.	1	IN	SRV	0 0 443 mail.server.com.
_imaps._tcp.domain.com.		1	IN	SRV	0 0 993 mail.server.com.
_smtps._tcp.domain.com.		1	IN	SRV	0 0 465 mail.server.com.
_submission._tcp.domain.com.	1	IN	SRV	0 0 587 mail.server.com.

This may help:

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