DNS Records set up WP-Engine/Cloudflare - wpenginepowered.com update

Need assistance.

I updated the WP-Engine DNS records to the updated (faster) wpenginepowered.

Once I did that and updated Cloudflare, Cloudflare is no longer reporting trafic, is like the website is dead.

But when i look at WP-engine traffic/data stats, is normal.

Not sure what I did, but WP-Engine did recomended to turn the proxy off CNAME and A records, this may have been done in purpose, but I had no idea. Maybe it has nothing to do with Cloudflare droping dead.

Need some assitance, not sure how to set up Cloudflare correctly, I’m on a free plan. the catch 22 is that i want to jump on a plan but I will not until this is working, and I know it will help my website.

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