DNS records & server + Cloudflare DNS managing communication

The DNS records for our domain are managed by Cloudflare while the server for the domain resides with Liquid Web. I am having two issues. Please keep in mind I have limited experience with DNS, server and back-end work. The first issue lies in my attempt to gain access to the domain via the server, WHM, and webmail via the server IP+port (:2083, :2087, :2096) links, while Liquid Web has no issue accessing the server via these links (also my IP has been specifically allowlisted on the server). These second issue lies in the email service (hosted by Liquid Web), the domain records of which are managed here on Cloudflare. I have established two email addresses in cPanel. I pushed our client domain-email set-up instructions (via cPanel) to his personal email which he did not receive. Furthermore, after he did not receive this instructions email, I manually established a password for the email, which he tried and it did not work. I also cannot access the webmail client via cPanel, my browser is not hitting the webmail destination. Finally, because I cannot access the :2096 port, I cannot directly log into the webmail client so I cannot check if the email service is working. I need help in seeing if there are any incorrect configs in Cloudflare breaking the domain (halting my access to the port links and halting email access). I believe the DNS records are in proper order but what else should I look out for?

What is the domain?

If access to your server is restricted at the IP address level, you must allow Cloudflare IP addresses if you want to access the site through the proxy. Note this will allow everyone to access using the domain name so you’ll need to resecure access using the Cloudflare WAF.

You may also be able to restore visitor IPs…

Make sure any email related subdomains (such as mail, mx, smtp, imap, etc) are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

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