DNS records reverting to old ones

I’m trying to add SPF, DKIM, and DMARC txt records in the DNS section of Cloudflare.

There are some old records from a previous site owner regarding some email functionality that I need to delete, while adding these new records.

I have updated them three times, and each time, within a few minutes, my new records are automatically deleted, reverting to the old records.

They’ll work for a minute, as confirmed by email record testing services, but then revert.

I’m using G Suite, I’ve got some email setup on my WP site, and am using Ezoic.

I thought Ezoic was the culprit, but they just told me I’m not integrated with them at the DNS level.

I’d love some support on this, as it’s stopping me from sending emails.


From the Cloudflare Dashboard, check the Audit Logs link at the very top. It will show you the event that changed those entries. It could be an API call from an external service. If you’re not using the API for anything, I suggest you regenerate the API key in your account.

Thanks for the response.

It looks like it’s definitely coming from the API, but nothing I’ve set up requires the API. Could be a hold over from the previous owner. I’ve changed the keys as you suggested, thanks.

It looks like it’s happening about 30-60 minutes after I updated previously, so I’ll check back in an hour and see if this solves it.

Thanks again!

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