DNS Records redirect

I had an ecommerce store setup with 3dcart and they gave me a domain (domain1). I already had a domain registered with namecheap (domain2). I initially had domain2 setup to host the store but now want it for my main website and domain1 as the ecommerce domain.

I deleted all the DNS records and domain2 is still being redirected to domain1. I don’t have any DNS records to edit so I don’t know where the redirect is coming from. I tried making a rule to see if the redirect was occurring there but it wasn’t. I don’t know where the redirect is happening.

i checked namecheap (my registrar) and my webhosting site and neither of them see the redirect

That sounds like 3dcart still controls domain2’s :orange: Proxied settings. You’ll have to ask 3dcart to fully release your domain from their Cloudflare setup.

I originally thought it was from 3dcart but they showed me a screenshot of the DNS records on their end and again, it didn’t show any kind of redirect! Any other ideas?

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