DNS records problems

An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.
I am getting this error. I know this error but unable to fix please give me a proper solution or provide a new IP address or update my DNS record. I already approach Bluehost they said the nameservers are with cloudfare, they are responsible to solve this issue. Please help me out.

That topic has been discussed so many time, just use the search.

Alternatively, post a screenshot of your DNS settings and mention which entry it is you want to add.

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This is my dns record screenshot. and every record shows the same IP And mx record also pointing to the same IP address so how should I change my IP or fix this problem.

Hang on, I misread your error and thought you wanted to add an existing entry. That doesnt seem to be the case.

The error here is not an error but a warning that your IP address is exposed by not proxying that entry. That is only something to worry about if you dont want your IP exposed and if that is the case you’d need to map your MX entry to a different IP address.

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You got it right So how I can create the MX record which shows the different IP. So that why I am asking here.

You need to point your mail record to that other IP address.

How , which IP address should I use , I dont know. I am using webmail for my business email from bluehost. So as far as I create my MX entry according to that.

Nobody here can tell you, that is something you need to know or clarify with your host. They would need to provide you with a second IP address only for your mail server.

Personally I doubt they will do so. So you can either continue with the current setup or switch to a dedicated mail provider. Or maybe your host does offer it nonetheless, but thats something you need to clarify with them.

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I already approach bluehost but they said your nameservers are with cloudfare so only cloudfare will update dns record or change IP address.

Cloudflare is not involved at all. Considering you manage DNS on Cloudflare, you will have to update the IP address on Cloudflare once you have one, but whatever you enter there needs to come from you and/or your host.

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