DNS records not validating on personal website

Hi there,

I have purchased a domain name with Cloudflare and want to set up my own private website through a 3rd party company who manage my holiday let bookings. When i try to set up a new DNS record with the information copied from my 3rd party company records it does not validate and allow me to proceed and add DNS records. What am i doing wrong?

If the third party host needs to validate your DNS records are set correctly, make sure they are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

While “DNS only”, requests will not pass through Cloudflare so no Cloudflare protections or features can be applied to the site traffic.

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Thanks for your message.

So when i create a new record on Cloudflare under my domain and enter the CNAME and TXT records from my 3rd party bookings manager i have to wait for the CNAME and TXT to ‘validate’ before going on to the next steps but it just keeps sitting at ‘validate’…

Can you share your domain name and the validation records so Community members can investigate for you?