DNS Records Not Updating/Refreshing/Propagating

I’ve recently been having issues with emails and AWS and thought it might be caused with some clashing DNS records.

My domain was already running through Cloudflare however I opted to revert to my hosting nameservers, reset all the DNS values within cPanel and delete the associated Cloudflare website.

I’ve now gone back to setup the same domain within Cloudflare again - i’ve added the nameservers (provided by Cloudflare) and this has been confirmed as active, however Cloudflare doesn’t seem to have managed to pull in the actual DNS records from my hosting provider.

The only entry I can see is one that I’ve manually added myself within Cloudflare.

Is there any way to resolve this? To trigger Cloudflare to pull in the current DNS records and list them (as has always been the case previously).

Cloudflare generally won’t scan for DNS records a second time. If your host can export a BIND file, that would be easiest. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually enter the records.

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