DNS Records Not Updating for NS Change

Recently activated Cloudflare website. Registrar had changed from Cloudflare Registrar of previous owner to me and I moved it over to NameCheap.

Updated the nameservers as requested. Cloudflare became active. The imported list of existing records was…odd, not what the previous owner had. Whatever, deleted all the existing records and added my records.

DNS is verifiedjournalist dot org. It should be pointing to proxy service to my A record. One IPv4 address, no IPv6 address. Instead, it is pointing after many hours to some random Cloudflare IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that neither I nor the previous owner recognize. Nameservers show correct.

I added “bob dot verifiedjournalist dot org” A points to my server just to see if I had control properly. It showed up in dig almost immediately on my test tool. Setup DNSSec with registrar correctly and shows active.

Really not sure why despite having things set in Cloudflare dashboard, it shows these odd other records. Had former owner remove the site from his account just in case. No change.

Nameservers should be and are: aurora and scott. Any help appreciated!

If your records are proxied, they will return IP address from Cloudflare’s edge. If you do not wish to use Cloudflare’s performance and security services you can set the records to DNS only.


Well, I feel stupid. Thank you for clearing that. Disabling the proxy brought the site up almost instantly.

New question though - why would the proxy not work? I have another site using the exact same settings and it proxies just fine.

What does not work mean in this context? What error message do you receive?

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I’m getting a “too many redirects” error - I was wondering if there was some sort of account wide limit that you cannot proxy more than one site to a single IP address or something.


Check the hyperlinked article for that error message. It’s most likely due to your SSL setting in Cloudflare to the origin or a misconfiguration on the origin. There’s no limitation in terms of the number of hosts for a given IP address.


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