DNS records not updating and linking to wordpress

I transferred my domain from ionos to cloudflare recently and wanted to update my dns recors.

  • I tried following the cloudflare guide and for over a week wasn’t mapped.
  • Have flushed cache and dns records
  • Lastly I have now updated the CNAME & A records after speaking to wordpress support, but unfortunately they are not mapping, it has been over 72hours and my blog is still not loading.

Would appreciate any help :frowning:

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What is the domain name?

artistrywithbeauty .uk

Change :orange: to :grey:

done, let’s see if that helps :sweat_smile:

Are you using WordPress.com or hosting elsewhere? My suggestion was based on assumption of the former. While your CNAME is now visible, it doesn’t match what I expected.

If you are using WordPress.com, are you using this guide?

yes I am sure!
I did verify connection again when I switched them to dns earlier. I wouldn’t expect to see an update the same day, now my connection status with wordpress is active, but site not loading. Thinking of giving it at least a day

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Your site is loading for me now. :grin: