DNS Records Not Updated For My Website

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It keeps redirecting me to the old host.

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I moved from a previous host and I had to delete the Cloudflare records for Xera.social so that O can create a new one. After creating a new Cloudflare records for Xera.social, Cloudflare still used the old deleted records to populate the DNS records and keeps redirecting my website to the old non-existing host or server.

Cloudflare can’t know if you changed your hosting, it can only look up existing, or use the last, DNS records. You will need to edit the records to those for your new hosting manually.

If you have deleted and re-added the site to Cloudflare, make sure you have set the new nameservers (at the bottom of your DNS page) at your registrar.

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Hi @promonigeria, I do not see any issues on the Cloudflare set up/DNS records.

Please check this documentation on updating your DNS records:

To be fair, I am not seeing any records out of place.
It may be as @sjr, mentioned, your hosting (the content in the DNS records, the root and www) need to be updated.

Thank you.

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