DNS records not updated even when disabling proxy

Just to update this thread, support have been able to reproduce the issue and it has been passed to the engineering team to review.



i made a new A record test.rivins.cloud but i can’t ping it.
https://dnschecker.org/ Shows me Fail on all.

speedtest.rivins.cloud is working fine.

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Hi @user8007,

I have merged your post to this thread where the issue has been reported. It’s currently being investigated.

Damn that was fast Thank you very much @domjh

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Hi, so after a reboot of my router, the new wan ip is listed correctly on my cloudflare account, but is not being populated to dns servers, even not to cloudflares own dns servers. When I use a Webservice for dns lookups or do a lookup from my own network and use or any other dns Server, I get the wrong old (before reboot) ip. This is now over 3hours, so I guess nothing to do with ttl. Cloudflare services are shown as up….

I also push my IP address to another dyn dns service and for that other Hostname, I get the right IP address.

Hi @user8016,

I have merged your post to this thread where an issue I believe is related has been reported. It’s currently being investigated.

Same issues with me. DNS is not propagating. Deleted pages still show up, Seems like an issue with DNS Cache

Exactly the same issue with any DNS records, would be grateful if you will speed up update process :pray:

@shaikhaquif, @user28100, this is being investigated and we’ll update this thread when we hear anything.

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Yeah, the issue is still happening for me as well. Opened a ticket: #2298265

The status page has now been updated with this issue, you can check there for updates.

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Well, I had to upgrade to PRO to get it working again.

I submitted an email letting you know that I still am experiencing issues.

The status update has been marked as solved.
It should work now, might need a change on any of the DNS records to rebuild the zone.


Still having the issue as well here. I’ve tried changing my DNS records but nothing seems to be taking.

Had to disable the proxy and got it to work.

That’s somewhat encouraging, as it’s a DNS change that propagated.

You can also pick the list of DNS prefetch from GitHub, easily. Also, had you tried A-Name and C-Names in your Cloud Flare’s Account.

Or you can contact the domain registrar company>