DNS records not showing up?

I have added a TXT record to my domain, for verification, but it is not showing up, it is as if I hadn’t added it.

I have tested in many ways, the last one with the command:

dig @ mydomain TXT

I have already changed the DNS servers to the Cloudflare’s ones at my domain registrar webpage.

Why isn’t it showing up? how do I solve this?
Thank you for your time.

What’s the domain?


At the bottom of the DNS page here, can you verify that the two Cloudflare name servers are Ed and Walk?

If so, can you post a screenshot of your TXT record?

Yes, they are ok.

Ah, I see. Take a closer look at the instructions. I’m pretty sure the “Name” part should be your domain name, and the google-site-verification part is supposed to be part of the “Content” field with an equal sign after it, then that long code.

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Wow, yes, you are right!. So I was storing the TXT record at google-site-verification.thelazydeveloper.blog, not at the domain itself. That is why it was not appearing in my queries.

Thank you a lot!.

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