DNS records not showing up

Hi there, I’ve added a domain to my Cloudflare account, and pointed the NS, but the DNS doesn’t seem to be updating, I can only see old records when I use a tool DNS Checker

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Name Server changes can take up to 48 hours, and must be done at the registrar – not via NS records at your host’s DNS page.

What’s the domain?

The domain is hdrc.org.au
I just had it transferred over to my SiteGround account, and pointed the NS records from there.
Cloudflare seems to think the NS have been pointed to the right place:

It looks like hdrc.org.au is proxied (:orange:) by Cloudflare, but there’s no ‘www’ record.

So far, so good. Just a bit more to fix up.

Yes I noticed there was no www for this domain as well. Is that likely to be the problem?
Should I turn proxying off?

You need a ‘www’ record. Your main record is probably an “A” with an IP address. You can either add a ‘www’ record that matches the “A” record, or do this:

Thanks @sdayman!

I actually set up the domain to direct to another website while I was waiting for your response.

The domain is being redirected properly, but when I use an online DNS checker (or dig in my terminal) the cims A record isn’t correct:

cims is proxied by Cloudflare and has the expected IP addresses.

The IP address I’ve given that record is but in the screenshot you sent I see and Maybe I’m reading it wrong?
I don’t know where those two IP addresses are coming from, they are not in the records I have…

@sdayman sorry to bother you.

Have you got any idea where those IP addresses are coming from?

Hi @services25,

As @sdayman said,

If you want more info in this, maybe check out #Tutorials. This one specifically:

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At the time of posting yesterday, the IP address didn’t appear to be correct.

Looks like the TTL hadn’t kicked over after I added the www record, as the address is now correct:

Thanks for your help @sdayman, really appreciate it.

This means that your ‘cims’ record is now set to :grey:. Unproxied (not routing through Cloudflare), if that’s what you wanted.

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