DNS Records Not Showing Correctly on Whatsmydns.net

The wrong DNS records are showing on whatsmydns.net It is not reflecting my DNS records on Cloudflare sent to my hosting company.

The DNS records that should be showing on Whatsmymydns.net:
The DNS records that really show on Whatsmydns.net:


If I change the orange cloud to the gray cloud will that help? And should I change all the orange clouds to the gray clouds?

And if I change the orange clouds to gray clouds won’t it comprimise the security of my site?

That topic has been discussed way too many times. Please use the search.

This is what I had previously searched for and couldn’t get the answers I needed to my questions, such as should I change all the orange clouds to gray clouds for the correct nameservers to work? And which orange clouds (records) should I change to gray clouds? And won’t changing the orange clouds to gray clouds make my site not protected with Cloudflare?

Of course it will. Hence dont switch to :grey: if you want to proxy through Cloudflare. Please use a search engine and read about how Cloudflare works before we continue as we will otherwise cover the same topic for the Nth time.

I think I get it now. The whatsmydns.net records are showing the DNS records for Cloudflare, because Cloudflare dns is protecting the site. Is that correct?


Thank you @domjh !

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