DNS Records Not Saving


I am having issues where I am updating records on the DNS through Cloudflare and saving everything then somehow it is reverting back to the old settings! I do not understand what I am doing wrong and I have even deleted the TXT records and remade them for it to still revert back. The records I am adding again are TXT records for email purposes through my hosting company. I would appreciate feedback and steps on how to resolve this issue.

Do you know if you have some sort of dynamic DNS software running? Haven’t heard of them doing anything with TXT records but it’s possible.

If not, try resetting your global API token on your profile https://dash.cloudflare.com/profile and/or checking your account audit log https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=audit-log

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To be honest with you I am not sure if I have anything special or dynamic running. I know the records were modified this morning and about 30 minutes later all the changes I made just reverted back to the old stuff. I tried about an hour ago by deleting the TXT records and remaking them and same thing about 30 mins later it reverted back. I will obviously follow any steps if it helps resolve it. Appreciate your feedback.

I could provide the Audit log if you think that would help.

See the audit log, then changing back should show up as a “TXT set” action.

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I just checked my DNS records and its reverted back again.

I am not following what you mean above.

I just reset the global API key and reset the records again. Should this correct it?

This will hopefully fix the records issue. If not, there may be a more internal issue with Cloudflare’s dashboard, but we’ll see if it happens again.

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