DNS records not propagating, Kinsta can't figure out why

Hi, I’m trying to do a routine authentication with Google and Zoho. I added a Google site verification code through a TXT record weeks ago that still hasn’t propagated. I asked Kinsta, my hosting provider, for help and they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t propagating. They said to as Cloudflare support before asking the community, but CF support is really backed up.

The Kinsta person said this, “So, what’s interesting is I’m seeing these AAAA records: https://www.whatsmydns.net/?utm_source=whatsmydns.com&utm_medium=redirect#AAAA/omnistrat.com. That might be an issue. I’d reach out to CloudFlare about this, as it looks like those TXT records aren’t propagating. The registrant status as far as I can see looks good.”

CloudFlare name servers are set as well. I did check and recheck the google code and it is correct.

I did read through a bunch of related topics but did not find a resolution. Any ideas about what might be happening? I’m not sure what info you might need from me to troubleshoot. I’m non-technical so bare with me.

Thanks, Matt

I forgot to mention the issue with the AAAA records is that these records don’t show in my list of DNS records in CF.

Not quite sure what the issue is supposed to be, to be honest.

Your domain seems to resolve just fine. If you are concerned about the returned addresses -> Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured?

Hi Sandro,
The issue is when I try to verify my site with Google it fails.

What exactly fails and what does it need for the verification? Post the error message.

Apologies for my lack of technical knowledge. Validating a site with Google involves adding a TXT record from Google that Google then reads. If Google reads it then it knows you’re the owner and validates your site. I added the TXT record, but Google didn’t find it and therefore didn’t validate I am an owner of the site. It’s a message within Google Search Console.

TXT records are not related to A ones though.

Post a screenshot of the instructions you received.

Sandro, I appreciate your help. I’m still on with Kinsta support. We’re validating the site through adding an html file to the server. So I validated my site with Google. The issue I have really isn’t Google and the instructions. It’s the fact that I added a TXT record to my dns and that TXT record is not propagating.

I can’t juggle conversations with you and Kinsta, so I’ll have to rejoin this post later.

I am afraid if you can’t say what you were supposed to configure it is impossible to check that :slight_smile:

OK, I’m back. I’m adding TXT records to my DNS. They are not propagating. I just tried to add another and it does not show. Why do you need when you say you need to know what I’m configuring? Do you need the TXT record I added?


Sandro, I’m not following your reasoning. I’m adding a TXT record to the DNS. That has been done, correctly. What does it mater how the instructions were given to me? The issue is the TXT record is not propagating.

These are not instructions. This must be a screenshot from your host.

You need to post the exact instructions they gave you on how to set up these records.

The DKIM record is in place

nslookup -type=txt 1522905413783._domainkey.omnistrat.com justin.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  justin.ns.cloudflare.com

1522905413783._domainkey.omnistrat.com  text =

	"k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCr6KMgdxxgg7oT3ulMwPJs9RXgXDrI9UWU118pHEMohl3UbL3Jwp4oxp/9N3thh/3WCJnYV134zbEVolZwqaT3JsFEq/mQ/RpW/JnOZ3rnxqJPurb2bcfJol4SDxiWVObzHX31xnANzFcXnq1/5dMK5QvW4Jh7n0fm4+4ywqiy2QIDAQAB"

The SPF one isn’t. Did you configure that?

The first image is what DNS Lookup shows. The second image is what Zoho wants me to add to my DNS. The last is showing that I added the TXT records to my DNS.

Apologies if I didn’t understand why you are asking me for this info.

Rename zoho-spf to your domain name.

I just copied the string form Zoho ad added it as a TXT record and gave it a name I made up.

Sandro, I hope you see this. The system abruptly shut me off saying I had reached my limit of replies for a new user. It gave me no warning there was a limit until it shut me off. How ridiculous.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me resolve this. Sorry if I got a snippy.

Rarely a good idea :slight_smile:

The SPF record needs to contain your domain name and only your domain name.

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