DNS Records not globally available after weeks

I added DNS records (CNAME for the root, which was flattened to an ip address more than a week ago. They have not propagated to some parts of the world, according to the website below.

  1. Are the DNS servers spotty. Or Cloudflare’s?
  2. is it my cheap domain (TLD .fun) somehow causing an issue?
  3. What can i do to fix this?


After checking again, it seems like fewer of them are failing to return DNS records. I don’t understand why the service is so intermittent.

Naturally, accessing bens.fun on a browser did not work when the global propagation checker said my location did not have the records. Now though, it still does not work.

Using a VPN into Italy, allowed me to access the website.

Without vpn, no records are available:
butter:~ ben$ nslookup bens.fun
;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server

** server can't find bens.fun: SERVFAIL

The service is not intermittent. You didnt configure your DNSSEC setup correctly


You need to fix your DNSSEC setup or disable it altogether.

It turns out I was using the wrong algorithm. My domain is registered with namecheap. I was using RSA/SHA-256 instead of 13 ECDSA/SHA-256

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