DNS records not found - Offline website and mail

My website is offline, reaching out to my hosting provider they say it has to do with cloudflare routing, I just log in to my cloudflare account and found out that there are no tracks of the DNS configuration of my site, like if it was never registered in the first place

Can you share your domain and the assigned Cloudflare nameservers that you can find at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns/records ?

Can you also check under https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log If there have been any recent changes made to your DNS records?

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the domain and assigned nameservers are nowhere to be found, really it seems like if they didn’t exist

And here’s a SS of the second URL you posted

Can you maybe also show the next page?

From what I can see in these logs, it looks like your nameservers were changed (“Zone moved”). When this happens, Cloudflare automatically deletes your zone after 7 days (“Delete”). Another 7 days later, your zone is then purged, meaning it becomes non-recoverable.

From the whois data, I can also see that your domain’s renewal date was on August 30th and was recently updated on September 14th. This is probably when the Cloudflare nameservers were added again. Have there been any problem with your domain renewal?

Anyway, it looks like you will have to add your zone to Cloudflare again from scratch. You should be able to find your old DNS records in the Audit Log, though, if you cannot get them from your host.

Quick tip: I would recommend using an email address that is not part of a zone in your Cloudflare account as the primary address for your account. Now that your zone was deleted, your email will not work anymore, making it potentially much harder to recover from any problems. Things like password recovery etc would not work anymore.

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