DNS records not displaying

I have Cloudflare installed. I integrated Cloudflare with Ezoic. I tried Ezoic and did not like it. I have disconnected Ezoic from Cloudflare. After that, my website stopped working. I panicked so I deleted my domain from Cloudflare and pointed the DNS back to my Hostgator.

Still today, I added the same domain to Cloudflare pais account. For some reason the DNS records are not displaying: https://d.pr/i/qh5umh

I have added another website to a CF free account and it shows the records: https://d.pr/i/rQKl7d

Is there a way for CF to check again the records so that I do not have to do it manually?

I have no idea on how to do it manually.

I really appreciate it. I used CF for years and I would like to use it again. It´s been just a few hours without it and I miss CF already.

Thank you!

Cloudflare won’t rescan a second time. You can export the DNS records from your web host and import them here.


Thank you Sdayman. Do you know if CF has a tutorial showing how to export from Hostgator? I can see that you send a blog post on how to import. However, I have not idea on how to export them from Hostgator.

I a newbie and I messed it up once. Just want to make sure I make CF to work again.

Thank you for your support and attention!

All contol panels (cPanel, WHM, Plesk) used by hostgator do support DNS Export.

There’s no tutorial here so far.

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