DNS records not activating

We recently tried to add transfer DNS to Cloudflare for a clients domain. Cloudflare automatically scanned the domain and created relevant DNS records for the domain, approx 50% of existing records. We then went through and added each missing record manually with a TTL of Automatic, and double checked they all existed and were correct.

After repointing the nameservers we found that quite a lot of the records didn’t resolve and and responded as non-existent via a dig command. In the control panel I then clicked the Cloudfront icon to make it orange and then clicked again to make it grey, the record then resolved correctly within a matter of seconds.

This however caused enough downtime for our client that they reverted the nameservers to the previous provider.

Did we a step to activate DNS once adding it?
Why did some records work and not others?
Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
If I change the nameservers, how confident can I be that they will work correctly?

Any advice or feedback appreciated as this is the first client we have looked to move to Cloudflare DNS

Can you share the name of the domain and perhaps one of the DNS records you’re looking to dig?

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