DNS records MX/email question

I read the tutorials and watched the video about DNS and MX records. I believe I did what I was supposed to do… I changed the mail and webmail “A” records to grey cloud and added a DNS only MX record for my email. After I did this my email started working again… which is good. But I am still getting a note at the top of the screen that says:

I also have warnings next to all the email records telling me to change the proxy status. Why??? If I have to grey cloud the “A” record for the mail, and make the MX record DNS only… then why the heck is it warning me when I do? Is there something I’m missing here?

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Also… I noticed in the “best practices” guide that it recommends using a separate IP address for HTTP and mail. I am at Bluehost (shared server) and I only see one IP for my site/mail.

Bullet one - done
Bullet two - where does this second IP address come from?
Bullet three - This is the warning I am getting
Bullet four - Huh??? If I don’t configure the MX record my email doesn’t work and it gives me a message saying I have more steps to complete.
Bullet five - What are they saying here? Use something other than my domain name? Is it recommending I make up an alias so it doesn’t link my IP with my domain name???

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You’re all set up correctly. The warning is normal if you host email and your website on the server, as you need to expose the IP address in order for mail to work. Not optimal, but the only way around that is to host your email elsewhere.

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ok… is that normal for Bluehost shared servers to have the same IP for both?

That’s normal and many people do the same. That’s why in the SPF record they have this v=spf1 a mx to say that this domain authorized the IP in A to send email.

However, the best practice is to separate them out. Why so? Cloudflare try really hard to hide the IP address of web server so we cannot be hit directly to avoid being attack on the web tier. When we expose mail server like that, the attacker can know your real IP address and hit it directly and we lose all the DDOS protection that cloudflare give.

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Thanks for the response. I just signed up today and set everything up… so I am obviously new to the system. It seems that I am up and running. My email works and my GTmetrix scores have been better. Still have some things to tweak to get my load time down though…

It’s just a little frustrating when you do everything the way the tutorial tells you and it still says you have more steps to complete and gives you warning messages.

It’s very confusing. But I guess I can just ignore this message then… right?