DNS records missing after account setup

I created a new CF account and some DNS records appear to be missing from the automatic import. Why is this?
Of course I can create them manually but that shouldn’t be required…

As a new Cloudflare user myself, my impression is that Cloudflare queries for known/guessable records and might miss the not so obvious ones.

Consider the domain example.com. One can easily get all records under example.com using a terminal command such as “dig example.com any”. However, that will only cover example.com and won’t include any records under subdomains. But it is reasonable to assume there might be a record for www.example.com, so that can be checked as well. Many people probably have mail.example.com, while my2021vacation.example.com isn’t as easy to discover.

This may not explain the exact inner workings of the automatic import, but at the end of the day this is roughly how a random client would be able to interact with arbitrary name servers out there.

Hope it gives some guidance!

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That’s exactly correct. It’s just a list of the common record names and types, and not a zone transfer. You can always import a BIND format file that you have exported from the old DNS provider (or do it manually).

The ANY qtype is all but defunct, see RFC 8482.

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