DNS Records - Initial Setup

How do I find what DNS records I should have?

In the process of setting up Google Workspace with my own domain (NiceGuy.biz):

A) I properly set up my Nameservers
B) Computer rebooted before I could follow directions for the other records
C) Site is no longer functioning because of what other records I did not yet add/edit

How do I find my proper DNS records for Cloudflare to work with my new Workspace account and my domain?

Thank you,

Total Nube

Your DNS seems to have something in it and is proxied, but is giving “too many redirects”. Go to SSL/TLS settings and change to Full (strict) here…


Thank you so much for you quick response. I made the change to Full (strict).

Does this take time to change? I ran it again and got the same message.

UPDATE: Ran it again and got a difference message but still lost. LOL

Thank you for your help and patience as I learn.

Currently getting error 1000.

Can you show a screenshot of your DNS settings?

Who are you using as the host? Do you have A records or a CNAME for them? (If they use Cloudflare then the setup may need adjusting).

Thanks for helping. I am going through the initial process again so I can complete it step by step. Of course this means new Nameservers from Cloudflare and it may take a bit.

If it is OK with you, please keep an eye out on this thread. Once the new nameservers have been accepted and I try the entire process again, I will see where I stand.

Again, thanks. I really appreciate this. The help from you has already helped me learn a lot more and I understand the process of what’s happening.

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