DNS Records Incomplete

Hi, DNS records are not imported properly, I need to re-import them but can’t find a process for that. I deleted this 2 days back and re-added the iobm.edu.pk website but it directly takes me to the same summary page again saying to update nameserves which I can’t do cause the DNS records are not complete.

If your current registrar has an export function, you can export the records there and import them in Cloudflare:

Otherwise, you might have to copy all the records by hand over to Cloudflare.

The hosting service I am using has no export option. It would be great if I delete a website then add again after 24 hours it should allow me to catch the DNS records but its not giving the option.

You can create a new account if you want the automatic import to run again, or delete the site and wait at least seven days: Zone status · Cloudflare DNS docs

But it is unlikely that the scan would find other records than it did on the first attempt. The automatic import just checks for some common record names/types, and you need to add all remaining records manually.

I actually paid for this account. Let me sort it out by copying all the records and importing them.

Have copied the DNS and pasted it in a txt file but cloudflare giving error

"Some records failed to upload

  • Error while parsing zone file: dns"

If you are importing DNS records, they need to be in BIND format…

Yes I am following this page but still getting error. Its my first time:

Error while parsing zone file: dns: expecting RR type or class, not this…: “0” at line: 34:23. (Code: 9209)

No one will know what’s wrong with your file without seeing it.

If you are already copying the record into a text file, can’t you just create the records in Cloudflare by hand?

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