DNS records got removed from cloudflare name servers

I registered my domain through Cloudflare a few days ago. My DNS records were set up and were running correctly until today. There were no DNS configuration changes. All of a sudden, DNS is not resolving my domain and sub-domain DNS queries. I have a free plan, I tried updating to paid plan for Zero-Trust, and it would not even work, I click on the Purchase button and nothing happened. Not sure where can I get the support, and what to do. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Community, we’re sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
I had a look into your Cloudflare account and seems there is currently an outstanding billing issue.
Can you please register a support ticket through the Cloudflare Dashboard by using the “Support” option on the upper right corner → “Contact Cloudflare”, and raise a Billing ticket with us, so we can investigate further?
Thank you.

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