DNS Records for root domain and email if not hosting?


I recently added two websites to Cloudflare CDN (purchased from Namecheap). When I set them up in Cloudflare there were no DNS records imported and currently there are only 2 CNAME records (1 proxied to a landing page hosting service) and the other for an SSL certificate (non-proxed). I have a 2-part question regarding this:

  1. There are no A/AAAA records. I have a message at the top that says to add an A, AAAA or CNAME record for my root domain so it will resolve. Should I do this with a CNAME record with @ value pointing at www version of my site or do I need to add proper A records and if so how? In the screenshot below I’ve tested adding a CNAME record pointing at @ and the www version of my domain. However, I’m still getting an error from my landing page hosting company that my DNS is not properly setup? I should note that I don’t have website hosting outside of the landing page hosting service.

  2. I also have a URl redirect for non-www going to www
    I have it setup as a Custom filter expression, with WHEN URl Path field equals mywebsite.co THEN Static type https://www.mywebsite.co and 301 Status code (per the instructions of the landing page hosting co)
    However, this redirect is not working correctly it seems. Any ideas why?


Thank you for asking.

If you don’t want to use it, you can set A @ to the temporary and :orange: therefrom redirect using a Page Rule to some other Website, or configure to redirect non-www to www and vice-versa.
Otherwise, you don’t have to have A www / non-www records at all.
If you’re not using e-mail, you don’t have to have them added too.

If the domains were recently registered and have had no hosting since before, could be Cloudflare scan for the DNS records added the ones which found as they were at Namecheap pointed to the default parking page.

What kind of an error?
Could you share a screenshot of it?

May I ask if you have this configured at Namecheap interface, or at Cloudflare dashboard?
If it is at Cloudflare dashboard, could you share a screenshot of the Page Rule or some other Redirect Rule if you’ve used it, if so?

Did you changed the domain nameservers at Namecheap interface for your domain and pointed them to the assigned ones from your Cloudflare account? :thinking:

To clarify, I would eventually like to use email on one of the domains, so in that case I need to point A @ For the other domain that doesn’t need email I can leave it without A record then.

Here’s a screenshot of the error, it’s not specific just says DNS is not properly setup. When I reached out to the landing page co support they recommended I reach out to Cloudflare support:

And yes, the www redirect is setup in Cloudflare, here’s the screenshot.

Lastly, yes I have the nameservers in Namecheap pointing to Cloudflare (dora.ns.cloudflale and ted.ns.cloudflare), that’s all working well.

Follow the Knowledge Base article listed below

That sounds a little specific. Can you share the link to the aforementioned Knowledge Base article?

Is there a reason you keep putting the hostname in the URI path? That will never match. If you want to match based on the hostname, then use hostname in the drop-down. The pattern field shows examples of what each data type should look like. That should help you use compatible values. Have you seen the redirect rules cheat sheet?

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