DNS Records for newly transferred domain

Totally newb question, which has probably been answer 1000 times, but I could not find it.

Previously, I had a domain through GoDaddy, and a site hosted via neocities.org. In GoDaddy, I had created a 301 forwarding rule pointing toward the neocities site.

I transferred the domain to Cloudflare. During that process, I changed the nameservers at GD to CF, and as I continued CF imported roughly 20 DNS records, mostly related to email, into CF. I then signed up for CF as registrar and paid.

At that point GD was out of the loop, but all of the DNS records pointed back to GD. I deleted them, and obviously hosed my site access in the process. I did at least create a screenshot.

I also created a 301 forwarding rule in CF to my site at neocities, thinking that that would add the appropriate A/CNAME records, but no joy. So, can someone guide me through adding the minimum A/CNAME records to make my domain name accessible, and tell me whether the page rule is adequate for forwarding or whether I need DNS records in place for that?

The CF domain name in nicolasambrose (dot) com, with the hosted site being https://nicolasambrose (dot) neocities (dot) org. Thanks for the help…

As long as you have the Page Rule ready to go, create two “A” records in DNS. One for “@” (no quotes) which is shorthand for your domain, and one for “www” (no quotes). Both should have an IP address of (yes, this address. It’s a dummy address that your Page Rules will ignore).

Aaaand, there you have it. Worked perfectly, thank you very much. Onward and upward!

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