DNS Records For my website

How do I know the old DNS records I no longer need I understand I have to delete the old one cause it’s conflicting with the new but how can I indentify the DNS I no longer need.

At the core, DNS records primarily translate names to IP addresses. In order to know what records you can safely delete, you need to know what the purpose of the record is, as well as what the correct address is for the corresponding host.

The same general principle applies to all DNS records. The only way you can know what you can delete is to know why the record exists and what it should be.

One nice thing about Cloudflare is that it is pretty easy to recover from a mistake rather quickly. If you delete a record that breaks something, adding it back will typically fix things in five minutes or less. While you can review changes in your account audit log, it will probably be faster to export your DNS records before you make any changes.

What if I have already accidentally deleted the correct DNS records? What to do now?

You can always check the audit log. If you can’t find it there, the only option will be to figure it out.

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