DNS records for mail Cloudflare/Plesk

Good day hopefully someone can help. I’m trying to set up Outlook mail but keep receiving incoming mail server errors. The server is with Plesk and domain through Cloudflare. I’ve added all the required DNS records (I think) but somehow still not able to set it up. Please could someone assist to get this resolved been at it for days not sure what I’m missing/doing wrong.

Can you share the domain?
What records were you instructed to add, and what have you added (and how)?

Apologies. I mean Proxied :orange: or DNS only :grey:

Turns out they are the latter which is fine.

I see the MX record is set to mail.sunethuman.com. and mail has an A record to what I assume is the IP of the mail server. Assuming that IP address is correct, that is fine.

Outlook as in the desktop application, or Outlook as is you are using Microsoft 365/Outlook as the mail service?
If it is the latter, there is an issue because the IP address for mail is an IONOS IP address.

Outlook desktop

I doubt you need half the records you have added.

Are you able to send/receive mail via the webmail interface? If not the issue is not with Outlook but with the configuration with the hosting service and I suggest contacting them.

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I’ve tried Roundcube, I can send but not receive. I;ve reached out to Plesk as well but I just wanted to make the sure the DNS records are fine and its not a Cloudflare setup issue as well.

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