DNS records for domains hosted on shared hosting


I have a problem with my redirects, I need to redirect 2 domains to another 2 domains hosted on a shared hosting, so both of my domains have the same IP because they are on the same host… when I added the first domain to Cloudflare all the dns records came automatically, but the other one didn’t retrieve any records and when I tried to enter the records manually I’ve found that both of my domains are pointing to same IP and I only have one IP

More description:
These two sites are hosted on shared hosting:

and these three domains are registered in a company which is different than the hosting company:

and by coincidence when I added the first domain to Cloudflare, it did retrieve all the DNS records but it didn’t work this way for the other domains

any help?

This shouldn’t be an issue. Multiple hosts on the same IP is pretty common. The DNS scan may not always pick up all hosts, so entering any missing or importing a DNS BIND file is not uncommon. The webserver is likely using host header information from the client to direct the user to the correct website, so this shouldn’t be a problem. We have thousands of domains behind the same IP when we are proxying traffic @ Cloudflare.

I don’t think the shared IP and failure to import are related. Have you been able to successfully create any records you needed in the Cloudflare DNS interface for these new domains?


I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,its a problem for me, I didn’t mean that this is an issue…
Yes I’m able to create DNS records, but for example the A record or AAAA record should point to an IP, in this case all my added domains on Cloudflare will point to the same IP because my hostings are hosted in the same place.
Thanks for explaining

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