DNS records exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare


I have recently set up Gmail on my website and two records got flagged:

A webmail
CNAME mail

Proxystatus for both is DNS only.

The error message I received is this one:
Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.

I read a few articles and being not very tech-savvy I’m struggling to understand what and if I’m supposed to do something.

My site gets a lot of attempts of people trying to log in from all over the world which is why I don’ want to leave anything exposed that shouldn’t be. But maybe it’s ok…?

Can someone please advise?


Those two DNS records for ‘webmail’ and ‘mail’ are probably obsolete now that you’re using Gmail. Take a screenshot (or write down) those records in case something breaks (I don’t expect so) and delete them.

Again, this is assuming you’re now using Gsuite (Gmail) for your domain’s email (sending and receiving).

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