DNS records error, site meltdown

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When trying to access my website I get the prohibited IP error and that the DNS points to a prohibited IP. It says that is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within cloud flares system. In order to resolve I have to change the DNS A records for website to resolve to a different IP address. I’ve read the community tabs on how to go about this but I’m having a hard time understanding. I have nothing to compare the current DNS A record IP addresses to and was told to reach out and find if the IP addresses are different than the ones listed in my DNS A records. This has caused an entire shutdown of my website. Is there any way for someone to walk me through this or would it be better to go through customer support? I’d really appreciate the help.

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Why you think you cannot compare the IPs provided by your host with the ones in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app? Your hosting provider should provide you with the correct IP address. Make sure that you are using that address in your DNS records. It really is that simple.

Hi and thank you for your response. My client is saying that Cloudflare is his website host and that cheapnames is where he purchased his domain. I cant find anything in the cloudflare dashboard that resembles website hosting and its settings. Cheapnames also does not have any IP details and that would make sense as its just a domain. Can someone please confirm that cloudflare is or is not a website host?

Your client is mistaken. You can’t find any hosting settings in the Cloudflare dashboard because Cloudflare is not a web host. Cloudflare is a proxy that sits between visitors and the web host.

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Thank you for the confirmation!

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