DNS records don't propagate on Cloudflare

I have changed the nameservers to use the Cloudflare ones (2) for this domain www.netpreneurclub.com. I have mainly A, CNAME and TXT records there. After checking them by using DNS Propagation Checker, I noticed the following issues:

  1. A records propagate but not in every location
  2. CNAME records don’t propagate at all
  3. TXT records don’t propagate anywhere either

Please find an image of the settings below.

What are the reasons for this? Could you advise, please.

Are Heidi and Zac the two name servers listed farther down on that page?

I take that back. It looks like DNS is propagating:



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Yes, they are.

When we use netpreneurclub.com, it looks like A and TXT records propagate but not CNAME.

So when CNAME and A records are proxied, A record is propagated only, isn’t it?


There’s no necessity to show the same as the A record is proxied which is the root.

Propagation is visible for A record while CNAME is a alias to the root.

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