DNS records don't match

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What is the domain name? sherrydeperno . com
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Hi I am trying to move my domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare, however Cloudflare is pulling in a bunch of records that aren’t showing in Godaddy. Godaddy did a “dns cleanup” for me over a week ago, but somehow Cloudflare is still pulling in the old records. Why would this be?

May I ask if there at GoDaddy interface is still some kind of a wildcard * (apex) DNS record? :thinking:

I see no wildcard. One person at Godaddy said they needed to do a reconciliation on their backend and that it would rectify in 48 hours, that was 4 days ago and it’s still a problem. Now they are telling me it’s not on their end and that Cloudflare must have cached the old DNS records. However I delete the domain off of Cloudflare as soon as the records don’t match and then try again another day.

If gd has a list of records that they say should not be associated with your account and cf pulled in a cache of that in the scan, just delete the records they told you are not needed.

That is incorrect. It is entirely dependent on your current Authoritative DNS provider’s response to DNS queries.

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