DNS-records do not match

We have a domain. This domain is hosted else where. We have set the NameServers to the name servers from Cloudflare. When we perform an NSlookup, we get the right name servers.

When we go to who.is and check the DNS records, we see the right name servers, but the DNS records are completely different.

I think we are missing something, but we don’t know what.

By records, do you mean IP addresses returned for A and AAAA, or other records? If it is just different IP addresses, as long as they are Cloudflare IP addresses, it is normal.

Can you share the domain to check?

Hey Sjr,

Thank you for your fast reply. We have had the issue with the A records.

But we overlooked a CNAME record with the name WWW. After we deleted this one, it worked as it should.

Thank you for your time!

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