DNS records disappeared overnight

DNS records that were working yesterday, disappeared today. They cannot be found anywhere. How does that happen?

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This usually happens where you have granted access to your account to a third-party integration such as Ezoic. In the case of Ezoic, you must edit your DNS only in Ezoic. Any changes made directly in Cloudflare will be overwritten by Ezoic.

You should review your audit log to see what is making the changes. If it is a tool that you want to use, seek their guidance on proper usage. If it is undesirable, revoke its access.

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Hi Cloudflare,

I have checked the audit logs. I see nothing there that indicates a third party accessing my account - at least to my untrained eye. Also - to the best of my knowledge,
I have not allowed a third party to access the account. Unless, of course we are talking about LetsEncrypt for Certificate Issuance. Other than that,I have not allowed or given direct access to this account to any user or domain that I know of.

I have never experienced a DNS registrar take down DNS records and not issue a notification to the end user.

Also - why should any payments be made to a registered domain that cloudflare, without notification, has taken out of service?



You did not say anything about Cloudflare Registrar in your original post. Please provide your domain name so that the Community can offer you a better answer.

I have worked around the problem by creating a new domain. It works as expected. The CNAME in the old domain was proxied and I changed it to DNS only. After about 2 hours, the CNAME began to resolve. Thanks for your help.

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Proxied CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records using Cloudflare proxy IPs. If you need a CNAME to be published as a CNAME, you need to set it to :grey: DNS Only like you did.

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Many thanks for the clarification. It really helps.:+1:


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