DNS Records connection

Hello, Cloudflare team.

I want to check that my account has connection with these DNS records…

I input these values(yellow highlights) a week ago but it still does not propagated yet…

Would you please check the settings?!

Do I need to wait for ‘Proxied’ status?

Thank you so much!

At the top of the page it says the domain is in a pending state. Does it still stay that? If so, what are the two nameservers shown at the bottom of that DNS page?

The domain is currently active on Cloudflare with jerry and kia

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Thanks for the respond!

It’s still pending…

Nameservers show cody and connie…

In that case your domain is either already in another Cloudflare account, or you have deleted and re-added the domain to the Cloudflare account you are using (which will change the nameservers).

You either need to find and use the other account, if it exists and you have access to it, or change the nameservers at Godaddy to cody and connie so you can manage it in the account you are logged in to.

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Thanks for your help!!

I’m gonna change Godaddy’s nameserver and see how it works.

Thank you so much!

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