DNS Records Configuration

I moved my website to a new host, and so I am setting up and updating my DNS management side inside Cloudflare to match the current host IP and other details, and please I want to know;

I have updated the IP areas with my current host IP address, but under “localhost”, I do not know which value that should be there, or the value I am seeing there currently is from Cloudflare by default and as such I do not need to edit it?

Please I want to know as I can’t remember getting those values from my previous host. But if it is from host, then I will need to know so I can request that from my host and update it in Cloudflare accordingly.

Meanwhile, I also deleted the SRV side of the DNS settings since it was bearing details from my old hosting server and has to do with email services and of which I am not interested in anything email at the moment.

So I hope by deleting it, it will not affect anything in the Cloudflare CDN integration for my website. Please I need your assistance on this to ensure that everything works fine for me.


Local host really isn’t necessary and should be removed. It would only apply to the server itself, and servers already have ‘localhost’ in their local DNS.

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Okay, which means I can as well leave things the way it is. Because I am just concerned about the value I am seeing there. If I leave it there, will it affect anything?

Or you advise I just remove it completely? Please let me know because I do not want to have any technical issues with Cloudflare and my website integrations.

@ sdayman in fact, I have gone ahead and deleted the localhost record as you suggested. I do hope it does not cause any issues as I am not too sure about it, I just followed your suggestion.

Thanks for assisting to my issues.

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