DNS records changing

I have set the DNS records according to my hosting agent but I don’t know why they are changing whenever I set them to my hosting agent. When DNS records change by itself my site doesn’t open, when I try to open my site it shows a message “site not found” then I go to the DNS settings of Cloudflare the DNS records are changed to other IPs. How can I resolve this issue?

try looking in your account logs to see who is constantly making these changes. If you don’t have your domain from Cloudflare, does your domain provider have access to your Cloudflare or not? Maybe that could be the reason.

Hello, Slush Thanks for your reply!
No, I have discussed it with my hosting agent first he provided me the DNS records I updated and my site started opening but after some time again my DNS records changed to previous records by themselves. Then he said"IPs change due to Cloudflare, we don’t have any access to your IPs in Cloudflare.

What can I do with Cloudflare my IPs remain the same and my site stays open whenever I try to open it.

Are you using Ezoic?

I have applied for ezoic but didn’t get approved from ezoic. But I have tried. One more thing when IPs are change by themselves it shows the value of the DNS records ezoic.net instead of my hosting IP.

Please follow these steps to remove Ezoic from your account: Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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Laudian actually I’m a new user of Cloudflare. Can you tell me, there are five options in your provided link what should I have to do? All options have to be implemented or any specific one? Thank you.

Are you still using Ezoic or not anymore? Because if you are still using Ezoic then please make the DNS changes in Ezoic. If not, then click on your profile at the top right and then on API Tokens. And then remove the API token from Ezoic. Please note that as soon as you remove it, Ezoic will no longer have access to your account.

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There are no API Tokens, I have applied for ezoic but I didn’t get approved. But in my DNS changed IPs shows me ezoic. net value. Could you please help me more to resolve this issue? From where it comes, and who change it.

All of them.

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I have changed the password of my Cloudflare account, but two-step authentication is disabled in my account. How can I restrict Ezoic from controlling my Cloudflare?

Enable 2FA and double check for API tokens afterward.

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