DNS records Changes

t turns out that I transferred my (http://ofertaempleo.info/) domain from a previous hosting. A few days ago I migrated my website and the domain to siteground. I have a concern regarding DNS records, as these are currently routed to the previous hosting. I speak of the other services such as FTP, Mail, etc. What more changes should I make so that everything is routed to the new hosting, I just have to address the new IP of the siteground hosting.

I want to clarify that the domain “depruebaaxm.com” was a domain that they gave me the previous hosting “Neolo” and no longer will make more use of this. For this reason I want my main domain to be [ofertaempleo.info] and that everything is directed to the siteground hosting.

What I want is only to maintain a single domain that is ofertaempleo.info and to eliminate or disable everything related to the previous hosting.

All you should need to do from the Cloudflare end is update all the DNS records so they just point to your new host. You should ask them what records they need for things like FTP and change those as well as the ones for the main site. Any that they don’t need, you should just be able to delete.

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