DNS records - can't save a new cname. error1000

hi, I can not add new records e.g. cname record for 3rd party tools such as apollo (crm tool) or the client portal platform co-pilot (secure.copilot.app). It says ‘error 1000’ in a red message when trying to save it

Please can you provide step by step instructions on how to resolve it? It may be because its pointing towards prohibited IP or something?

What is your domain, and what exactly are you entering for the name and target?

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hey thanks for helping

it wont let me send URL in my response. My company is Foundy dot com though

trying to set up a ‘subdomain’ so that we can increase deliverability of emails to prospects main inboxes for cold emails


dealflow as the name (as we are sending emails with deal flow from Apollo customer relationship management tool)

Need to add aplolinks dot com as the target

But it says authentication code: error 1000 in a red banner when trying to save it.


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Click that :point_up_2: for those directions.

Could you just try that from a different browser? Maybe from your phone?

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