DNS records being imported after installation

After installing a new domain, and after configuring its DNS records, it appears to still being importing original DNS records, and they get inserted after the full configuration, breaking the site, as they introduced another A record with a different IP ( the original domain parking one ).

Is there some way to fully skip this old DNS import that happens when inserting a new domain ?
If not, please solve this issue, as it’s very weird that you get new DNS records that breaks your site after you finished configuring all the DNS records pointing to the correct locations, and in an unconscious way.

In a normal situation, if you skip the scan for old DNS records when inserting a domain, you expect the configuration you are doing is the “last one”, and the configuration you save is the one that will prevail. Nobody expects an asynchronous task being late and inserting old DNS records after you finished configuring DNS.

Are you using Ezoic?

No, we’re not using any third party solution acting over our CloudFlare account and configurations.

We do it manually, removing old DNS records, and importing from a standard import file we use for all domains, modifying the information it should include

Hmmm…check the Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com

It should show any activity to your DNS records, as Cloudflare can’t automatically import any more records once your site is active here.

Use the API to add the zone, and set the jump_start parameter to false.


I may have misunderstood the situation. It sounded like after the onboarding process with the DNS records update, more changes show up after the fact.

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