DNS Records aren't propogated

Multiple records are added into the Cloudflare portal. For instance 15 CNAME records show in the Cloudflare portal, but when I do a CNAME lookup I get 0 records. (this affects other types of records too, this is just an example)

This was previously working, some of the records are dated back 6 years when I mouse over them. so its not as though it is recent changes that hasn’t propagated.

domain: lackgroup.com.au

The issue is not with the records as I see rather with the origin web server. The server is returning the error. Check the SSL Certificate at the origin. For more info on troubleshooting, check the following:

Hi thanks for your input, I’m aware of the SSL error. The website is handled by another party and isn’t within my scope of support.

My concern is the Cname and other records that exist in the CPanel but not when you look up, for instance below is from the Cpanel. but most of the records don’t resolve. we noticed 1 of the records that is working, the ‘autodiscover’ had a static set TTL. I’ve just updated the TTL on a couple of records to test

Every one of them resolves for me. Where are you seeing a problem?


Hi your right all of them seem to be resolving fine now.

Not sure why or how, it wasn’t the TTL as I only updated a couple of records. main thing is its working I guess.