DNS-Records are not updated


We have changed our DNS over 36 hours ago and they still havent updated.
I have even disabled all the Cloudflare proxy and enable DeveloperMode.

And the domain ?


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As I saw all records are OK Worldwide please re-check and confirm

Have checked… for me its not available.

Have a look here

Ok, but A and CNAME Records not resolved…
I have checked at many sites

I think you have not added CName Records Properly can you post CName Records Screenshot hiding the Target ?

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Your DNSSEC is broken. You have DS records in the .pl zone that do not match the records in Cloudflare. Remove the DS records for your domain at your Registrar.

% dig +short ds benuta.pl @a-dns.pl
24906 13 1 888960E813F44089825BD599934F3D1B373AEBBE
24906 13 4 6E16063897DEBEE321D421F9F587B6CCA602D15DE8163FA55A03CEA3 A0D0638EC5529EA4F295101A1BB0B8F36AF15EEE
24906 13 2 B2770CC81B52F15B4FFCDBC239A9595AB6BEB4CC0A71DEF90B94191E 02AF08C4
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Thank you!

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