Dns records are not showing properly

Dns records are not showing properly when i tried to add my domain name. Is it possible that they will automatically be added or i had to add them mannualy?

domain name macroweb.eu.org.

When you add a domain, Cloudflare automatically scans for the records and imports. Here’s the info:

In case, if it were not added, you may add them manually. Read the doc here:

You have records resolving to Cloudflare IP addresses for your domain so I assume you sorted this out?

Nope it is showing only 3 records but it has almost 10. I can add them manually but I don’t all the dns.

There’s no way to “read” a DNS zone, Cloudflare can only populate with names it knows or can test for (I guess from issued SSL certificates, queries that have passed through and testing for the usual www, mail, ftp and so on subdomains and root records for TXT, MX, etc).

If Cloudflare hasn’t found them you’ll need to look back into your previous DNS provider’s account and copy them from there.

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