DNS records are not accessible from public DNS servers

My domain is appearing as not existing domain to public dns servers. So I am not able to resolve any DNS records on public DNS servers.

Server:  UnKnown
Address:  "Public DNS server"
*** UnKnown can't find "DOMAIN": Non-existent domain

However, if I perform nslookup on harlan.ns.cloudflare.com it returns the correct DNS entries.

Server:  `harlan.ns.cloudflare.com`
Addresses:  "Cloudflare addresses"

Name:    "DOMAIN"
Address:  "Correct IP"

Maybe check again if Cloudflare’s DNS servers are set, at your hoster, for your domain (it could be that you, or they, have changed them back).

If you post the domain, other people could have a look, in case it is some misconfiguration of your computer.

Sorry, it turned out that the domain was blocked due to pending ICANN verification.
Thanks for the reply.

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