DNS records after I transfer registrar


I’m using Register4Less as my domain registrar at the moment and I want to transfer to Cloudflare, although I’m already using Cloudflare DNS and Cloudflare provided SSL.

After I transfer the domain to Cloudflare, will I have to update the DNS records? I couldn’t find any docs for that, unfortunately.


Are you saying you don’t have a proper SSL setup on your server?

If so you have a security issue to begin with and should fix that first.

I’m hosting my website on GitHub pages and have set it up with a custom domain.

All right, whats the encryption mode on Cloudflare and what’s the domain?

No. In most situations the transfer is invisible.

However, some registrars like to give you a little present, by resetting the NS records in the Registry just before the transfer. If this happens, open a support case, and drop the domain and ticket number in this thread.


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