DNS records acting wonky? pointing incorrect places

Hey, so I have been pointing a domain to the Shopify store, and that worked all fine until I changed my store to a self-hosting project.

I have other domains pointing to the same exact host with the same exact records (A domain and CNAME www). (So I know basically what I’m doing as I’ve done this 50 times before)

So I couldn’t figure it out so I reloaded the namservers from Namecheap and deleted my Cloudflare site and remade it and set it up just like I always have, but when it loaded it always suggest “these records, want to keep blablabla”, the record for Shopify was STILL there after I had deleted it and it wasn’t in the list for me to see. and now that I removed this record while setting up the same DNS again it still redirects towards Shopify. and I wonder if I delete and reupload that the A record for Shopify will be there even though I can’t see it now. This seems messed up tbh. but the record is NOT in my list, but the record is there somehow. must be a bug or something in Cloudflare?

Hello there,

Looks like you’ve got stuck. Read this Tutorial Check out using the Liberate the hostname tool:

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