DNS records A

Hello, a couple of days ago I set a DNS records A so that my domain points to an IP but is not updated, still pointing to the old IP.
Is it normal that it takes so long to update?



If that DNS record is set to :orange:, then it is going to display Cloudflare’s IP address and won’t change. Visitors will see this one, but behind the scenes, Cloudflare will direct them to your updated IP address.

You should see changes to A records almost immediately. Are you sure the IP is the one your hosting company provided?

This is my config in Cloudflare. Attach images.

If I ping to wowgadgets.store it responds to me from IP: but the A records is set to

Any ideas to fix it?

Thank you.


I turned the orange clouded domain back to grey cloud in the Cloudflare DNS register A and now it’s working !!

Thanks a lot for your link.

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